Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Respite from the cold: Cafayate

July 17, 2009

After two nights in Tafí, we had still not seen the little town in daylight, so Friday morning we went out to explore. We visited the Jesuit chapel and mission (photo below) which was fun and scenic. The museum had a guide meet us AFTER we went through the property to give us insight on the house and its history.

We browsed gift shops afterwards, then ate lunch—a very mediocre pizza at the Patio de Empanadas. Our plan was to catch a 2.30 bus to Cafayate, but the bus was sold out, so we waited two hours (journaled, see photo below) and caught a 4:30 bus to Santa Maria before transferring to Cafayate.

Our hostel, Rusty-K (we think they were playing on the word, “rustica,” or rustic) in Cafayate was comfortable and the staff were excellent. We had dinner at Baco, which emptied out around 11 p.m. (on a Friday night!), however a couple stragglers kept us from feeling too uncomfortable as we finished our bottle of wine. Disappointingly, they were out of the Chilean mushrooms on the menu and I was jaded after my pizza lunch, so I kept to a green salad for dinner.

We returned to our hostel amidst a birthday celebration and enjoyed some cake while we made more hostel reservations online, and headed to bed around 2.

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