Thursday, August 13, 2009

Buenos Aires--San Telmo and Caminito + Tango Show

July 12, 2009

Sunday we again got up at 10 and headed to the capital. We had lunch at this great place at the end of Defensa in San Telmo, El Desnivel. I had homemade gnocchi with a garlicky peso and beer.

We then wandered through the artisans and antiques fairs and gawked at the street performers as we made our way south to La Boca and Caminito. The weather was beautiful, so we took an outdoor coffee in Caminito amidst our browsing and photo-snapping.

We had reservations for a tango show at Complejo Tango that night, so we started making our way toward the show at nightfall. My limited knowledge of the bus system left us about 20 blocks from the show, so walking got us there right on time (and burned some calories from the meal and wine to come!)

The show included a half-hour tango lesson, which lost me after moving beyond the most basic steps, but I managed to snag the diploma certifying my knowledge of basic tango. Dinner came next, salad, pasta, dessert, and all-you-can-drink wine. The show was a lot of fun.

We had a nice, "silent" taxi driver take us back to Retiro at the end of the night, and were exhausted, but home by 1 a.m.

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