Monday, August 10, 2009

The beginning: Tammy's Arrival

July 9, 2009

Tammy arrived in Buenos Aires bright and early Thursday morning (Happy Birthday, Dad!). Although it was Argentina's Independence Day, all festivities had apparently died out several years prior (in 2000), and any small events were cancelled due to the swine flu outbreak, so we headed straight for La Plata. We lunched on crepes at Carlitos, then headed out to explore the city.

The streets were empty, due both to the holiday and the flu, which had put most the city on emergency vacation. But we enjoyed the Cathedral, some sunshine in Plaza Moreno, and I introduced her to Havanna and their alfajores.

The sun was setting and the air dipped toward freezing, so we went back to do a bit of planning and get Tammy unpacked. Martín had requested a ton of stuff from the US, so he stopped by to claim his binoculars, battery recharger, boots, calculator, memory card, and a bottle of perfume for his sister.
That night we had pizza at a place I'd been dying to try, then met Martín at Antares for some cerveza. Around 2 we called it a night and headed home in order to get an early start in Buenos Aires in the morning.


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