Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ruins and shopping

July 31, 2009

Friday we’d lined up a visit to the Tiahuanaco ruins. We began at the museum with a very proficient guide who lead us through both the museum and the ruins.


TiahuanacoWall Ruins of Tiahuanaco

Lunch was interesting, as our end of the table had two North Americans, two Brazilians, a Swiss, a Japanese, and an Argentine. Up until lunch the Japanese had expressed a solitary interest in taking pictures, but at lunch he opened up and made an effort to talk to everyone, including everyone in the conversation.

We stopped briefly by some smaller ruins after lunch and over an amazing lookout as we entered La Paz.


As our Bolivia time is coming to an end, we went shopping for souveniers when we got back to La Paz. I bought Martín and Kevin silly hats and a Paceña beer t-shirt for Kevin as well. Then, a colorful bag for Martín.

Our hostel, Adventure Brew Hostel offers a free beer each night from the on-site brewery, so we went back to drop off our purchases and take advantage. The beer was great, but we managed to stick to just a couple pints each, and actually leave the hostel for dinner.

We ate at Angelo Colonia, this tiny two-room restaurant with less than 20 tables and loads of iron weaponry and decor. It was a little pricey, with small portions which turned out to be just the right size for me. I had a lasagna loaded with about 10 different vegetables (tomatoes, broccoli, corn, carrots, spinach…)

We then attempted to find some nightlife, however I was pretty zonked and had left the map in our room.

Paceño nightlife isn’t female oriented, so we couldn’t just venture anywhere. We opted to go back to the hostel pub…which didn’t last long. We called it a night around midnight.

Map picture

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