Saturday, September 5, 2009

Busing it to Iguazu

August 4, 2009

Tuesday we relaxed in La Plata, having lunch at Thionis until 4 p.m. when we had to head back to Buenos Aires to catch our 19-hour bus ride to Iguazu.

The bus company grabbed me a “vegetarian meal” at the last second. (Yay, El Rapido!) Interestingly, the bus was nearly empty. In addition to the two of us, there were 3 other passengers, two of which left during a stop in the night.

My meal was a large green salad with tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, and a hard boiled egg on top. Quite basic compared to the typical bus meal with bread and cheese and meats, side dish and main course, but very sufficient. And either incredibly filling or else my stomach was still messed up, because I was uncomfortably full after eating. I slept early.


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